Why Us?

Since meeting Angelique at an event last year, I knew that I had found a PR company that “got” me and my business, like every other aspect of what we do at The Mint Republic, a friendly approachable and realistic relationship was what I was searching for when it came to PR – I didn’t have to put on any airs and graces and could be straight up with the awesome team about what I was looking for. It only took moments for me to feel like a valued part of their business.

The team at Publicity PR have taken my thoughts and direction and coupled it with their fresh eyes, extensive experience and amazing relationships and delivered more in the first 3 months of business together than I had had in years, needless to say it has been a pleasurable experience doing business with this lovely team and I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a “partner” in PR.

Rachel Warren, Managing Director, The Mint Republic Rachel Warren, Managing Director, The Mint Republic

I have worked with Angelique Fris-Taylor and her team at Publicity PR since the launch of The Market NZ.

We’re focused on getting New Zealand creators online and making it easier for people to support and buy local. We sell a wide range of products, from home and gifts to kids wear and food, so needed a PR company that could secure exposure across different categories, and in different types of media; being a digital company means social an online is very valuable, but print and product placement is also important to us.

Publicity PR have proven that they are versatile and innovative in their approach to PR and have delivered in all the areas we required them to.

I have no hesitation recommending them to other potential clients.

Toyah Attwell, General Manager, The Market NZ Toyah Attwell, General Manager, The Market NZ

There’s a huge difference between good PR and great PR. In my 14 years editing some of New Zealand’s top-selling magazines I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. Which is why it is my pleasure to say that Angelique Fris-Taylor is one of the best in the business.

Angelique always goes the extra mile and she understands the importance of strong relationships. When it comes to PR – she gets my vote every time.

Leonie Barlow, The Style Insider Leonie Barlow, The Style Insider

PR is more about relationships today than ever before. The editorial demands placed on beauty editors has increased, with most of us straddling more than one title at a time. Which is why strong PR links are vital.

Angelique Fris-Taylor of Publicity PR has become an important part of our editorial planning – a brilliant sounding board and excellent communicator. She and her team will deliver on any request (even if it’s extremely short notice) as they understand the brand values and story requests for each magazine and our focus when delivering editorial pitches. The team are proactive and a great resource. With decades in the fashion and beauty industry, both at the coal-face and in PR,  Angelique has become a trusted business partner.

Trudi Brewer, BeautyEQ Trudi Brewer, BeautyEQ

Late in 2009 we decided to seek a PR agent for our key retail brands as part of our marketing approach. When asking industry colleagues who they recommended as a PR guru Angelique Fris-Taylor was the person recommended more than once. After one meeting with Angelique we knew our brands were in great hands.

Angelique and her team have developed key brand alignments, multimedia exposure and most importantly increased the awareness and sales turnover of our brands.

Susie Creed, Marketing Manager, Celtine Ltd: ORLY & The Jojoba Company Susie Creed, Marketing Manager, Celtine Ltd: ORLY & The Jojoba Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Angelique Fris-Taylor for four years now. I remember our first meeting well, as she made such a positive first impression. I used to work for a busy newspaper, and as such, didn’t have much time to meet with PR representatives but she made everything so easy and when we met she was full of good ideas.

Over the years, we’ve built up a fantastic and valued working relationship. I know when I hear from her that she’s got something interesting for me, that will fit the magazine I edit, and won’t just come to me with a client’s product asking “what can I do with it?” I really appreciate this.

Angelique and the rest of her team are true professionals who are thorough, likeable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the brands they represent and respond very quickly to annoying email requests for things like prices and images. I can’t recommend Publicity PR highly enough.

Fiona Hawtin, Former Editor of Fashion Quarterly Fiona Hawtin, Former Editor of Fashion Quarterly

Micromode Ltd is a women’s focused business, the franchisor to 29 Caci clinics and the distributor of Murad skincare and Smashbox cosmetics. Micromode has been with Angelique Fris-Taylor for nine years. What drew our attention to Publicity PR was their unique understanding and wealth of experience within the beauty and fashion industry. The incredibly talented Angelique has a fabulous understanding and manner with her clients to ensure their brands are constantly at the forefront of the minds of key beauty editors or the appropriate NZ personalities.

Publicity PR have organized brand communication events such as New Zealand Fashion Week, which Smashbox was not involved with previous to joining Publicity PR. NZ Fashion Week has enabled Smashbox to become highly recognized within the prestige of the fashion industry, with numerous editorial features, and coverage that by far outweighs our investment.

The creative team are always looking at brand alignment opportunities with other fashion or beauty houses that always result in future partnerships. Since joining Publicity PR our brands have received a high spread of communication in NZ’s top magazine and newspaper publications which has been an essential part in growing our product exposure and its market position.

I would highly recommend Publicity PR and their team to any brand that is striving for the best possible results with their PR and advertising.


Neisha Henry, General Manager, Sales and Marketing FAB Group Neisha Henry, General Manager, Sales and Marketing FAB Group

I’ve reached a stage in my life when a performance that is less than adequate is simply unacceptable. I turned 40 and wanted to put together, in a relatively short amount of time, an unforgettable party for the people I love… just about 500 people only, with over flowing champagne and divine cocktails, everyone in masquerade, with fireworks and I wanted them to eat cake.

I knew I had to team in with someone who knew the same people, who I trusted implicitly, and most importantly would apply themselves in a manner of both exceptional professionalism yet never lose sight of the fun. Having known and worked with Angelique Fris-Taylor for many seasons I was delighted by her new company Publicity PR.

They were the perfect fit. It was fun, it was easy and most of all it was right. Thank you so much.

Colin Mathura-Jeffree Colin Mathura-Jeffree

One of the most priceless relationships a beauty editor can have is with a dynamic PR agency. It’s crucial that they understand publishing with its relentless deadlines and the important role media plays in educating (and hopefully exciting) consumers about the science of beauty and the myriad products on the shelf.

Angelique Fris-Taylor and her team at Publicity PR fall, without a doubt, under this banner. She never fails to respond quickly to my queries and requests which are usually needed yesterday! In addition she frequently goes the extra mile and is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Deadlines don’t go away and there are times when achieving them can provide an enormous challenge so to be able to call on such a trusted and willing helping hand is indispensable.

Jenna Moore, Editor, Gems of Gorgeousness Jenna Moore, Editor, Gems of Gorgeousness

ACP 2012 Beauty Award – Best PR Personality

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Bauer Media Best in Beauty Awards 2014 – PR Rising Star