FABY's Spring/Summer 2016 'Joy' collection launch


Globally renowned, Italian nail lacquer brand, FABY, launched its Spring/Summer 2016 collection in New Zealand in August 2016. The collection, titled JOY, is a fun and colourful compilation of 12 nail lacquers that embody one's inner hippie while embracing the forward standards within the nail industry – such as no animal testing or use of harmful chemicals.  The range represents the warmth of spring and summer and aims to encourage the consumer to embrace the small things that bring daily ‘joy’. FABY enlisted the help of Publicity PR to generate buzz and awareness of the new range within the New Zealand market, ultimately driving product sales.  


Publicity PR generated mainstream media and digital exposure through a creative send-out, which reflected the fun, vibrancy of the range. Colourful flower crowns were included, correlating with the look and feel of the collection’s packaging and marketing materials. Also included was a beautifully crafted press release, handwritten personalised note, Faby product brochure and a mini-kit including four sample-sized lacquers from the collection. The inclusion of the creative element of the flower crown was used to encourage photography and social sharing from recipients.

The send out was distributed to 20 key (Tier 1) beauty media, bloggers and social influencers. A follow up email was sent, including high res images of the collection plus digital versions of the collateral. Recipients were encouraged to use designated hashtags in their content, such as #FabyJoyNZ, so that coverage could easily be tracked. Tier 2 media, bloggers and social influencers received an email with imagery and collateral and were invited to request product for sampling and review.

Product giveaways were organised with key publications; information on the collection and influencer posts were re-shared across Publicity PR’s and FABY NZ’s social media platforms; and products were submitted for relevant editorial recommendation call-outs from beauty editors. Media coverage was monitored and shared with the client through monthly reports.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 3.10.22 PM.png


The colourful, creative, experiential send-out concept proved successful and was well-received by mainstream media and digital content creators.  The send-out achieved a 90% success rate, with 18 of the 20 send-out recipients either posting about the collection via social or including it in their print publication. During and beyond the launch period, a total of 121 pieces of coverage about the Joy collection were achieved. The inclusion of the ‘photo-worthy’ flower crown, as well as highlighting FABY’s unique selling points and including print-ready quotes in the press release, resulted in positive exposure for the collection and the brand.





Tara Ahmed