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Brand Strategy

Need to build brand awareness and achieve your business goals? We can work together to develop an integrated strategy to ensure you hit your targets and get noticed.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

From blogger and influencer outreach to developing an effective social media strategy, we can manage your brand’s online presence and ensure it's connecting with 'the right' online audiences.

Event Management

Our events are some of the most memorable in the Auckland events calendar! From creative product launches to full-scale event management, we create events with impact. 

Media Relations & Placements

At Public Pr, we have strong, trusted relationships with print, broadcast and online media, from a range of sectors including beauty, business, health and wellness, fashion and lifestyle.  If it's media coverage you're after, we've got it covered!


Want to get your products into the hands of potential consumers? We work with a range of influential companies and events to get your goods and services prominent trials and word-of-mouth exposure

Experiential Activations

Delivering a tactile brand experience your customers and influencers can touch, smell, taste, see and hear generates shareable opinions and advocacy, with an added bonus of trial and brand switching.

Media Buying and Placement

If you’re after an integrated strategy with added value, we can use media spend accordingly to ensure you get the best return for your investment.

Media Monitoring

Want to see the value of your PR activity? We can monitor and provide you with a full PR report that captures all of the accumulated coverage and delivers the total value of your activation.